Present in more than 155 jurisdictions around the world, IR Global is one of the most relevant professional services’ networks in our days. Offering a personalized assistance in more than seventy distinct areas of activity, for more than ten years it plays a very important role in the development of medium and large companies, strengthening them through the expertise of its more than 1000 members. 

As one of its partner offices in Brazil, Stürmer & Wulff have been contributing to spread the multidisciplinary and highly qualified ideal that IR Global defends, offering a distinguished legal assistance to various types of businesses. 

In order to ensure an alignment of perspectives between themselves and their associates, IR Global annually promotes a series of events where members can discuss processes and conducts, expand their network and know the projects developed by their colleagues. And in 2020, that will not be any different. 

Between January 21 and 25, the ‘IR Global: On the Road’ conference will take place in Miami (California/USA) as a unique opportunity to tighten ties that, surely, Stürmer & Wulff would not miss it. 

If you want to keep up with the best moments of this event, you can follow us in our blog and social medias, where we will share every detail!