Through the past few years we have experienced a lot a changes in the way we used to do things. 

Stop for a minute and think about it. Can you remember of how things worked five, or ten years ago? Calling someone, travelling, buying, listening music… Our daily activities, that now sound so simple, used to take so much effort.

Everything’s easier today thanks to the science and technology’s advance. They had work together in order to give us as much comfort as possible.

The word ‘comfort’, by the way, defines one of the main motives for the creation of all that we know today. Our search for comfort and practicity led us to invent, recreate and improve the environment where we lived. Another driving force was our inherent curiosity. We are moved by the desire in finding, knowing and learning, and through this so uncontrollable force we managed ways to build our towers, fly over the clouds and even step on the moon.

Back to our currently time’s analysis, we can see that all these reasons are reflected in most of —  maybe all — our contemporary technologies. The services and products offered by the most relevant companies in this field prove us that. If we take corporations like Netflix, Uber and Spotify for example, we will see that the huge revolution they proportioned is based on extremely simple solutions.

Due their intervention, the experience of watching movies, travelling and listening music — three ordinary activities — has changed completely. Now we can access an infinite catalog of cinematographic productions without abdicate the comfort of our homes. We can listen to all kinds of music, in every where, with the highest quality and practicity. We can walk through long and short distances, using a safe, affordable and customized transportation service. 

All this makes our lives easier, giving us more time and less worries. And that should really be the purpose of every company in our days — not only those ones who deal with technology directly.  

If we pay attention we’ll see that the impact of those referred organizations were only impressive because of their ability of seeing an usual situation in a extraordinary way.

There’s no need in wonder before a car, aeroplane, or a computer, for example. The heart of the matter now is knowing how to improve, in a surprising way, those things that are already real; seeing the obvious through an inusited angle.

Search for opportunities hidden on the most simple tasks of our lives is the most recent formula to achieve success. By solving the tiniest pains and difficulties of our routines we will be able to conquer more autonomy and practicity. 

The times have really changed, and it should not be a bad thing. That’s how we can come closer to the new, and the tendency is that new is always good.