Porto Alegre | RS - Brasil
Rua Caeté, 246
Vila Assunção
CEP 91900-180
São Pàulo | SP - Brasil
Av. Washinyon Luis, 6675
,5 andar
CEP 04077-020

About Us


With a unique team that has more than 60 professionals, we are able to completely understand the cause of each of our customers.

Among the 100 main law firms in Brazil, we believe that our culture of caring, empowering and surprising people enables the construction of a better business environment. And through bases located in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, we have extended our solutions beyond the Americas, showing to the most distinct companies around the world our unique way of offering legal support: with proximity and excellence.

We also believe that by living in an interconnected and ever-changing world, joining new ideas with solid experiences is more than a requirement. Starting from this belief, we offer an alignment of differentiated perspectives and profound experiences. For us, after all, is by combining innovation and knowledge that we can achieve the best results: those ones that fits your business’ needs.


Legal challenges come from all directions, faster than ever before. Thus, anticipating changes can be an arduous task. Knowing the weight of every legal adversity, Stürmer & Wulff works so that organizations can overcome every obstacle in any scenario. Because for a strong and prepared business, it does not matter if the changes will bring opportunities or risks: success will always be a guarantee.


  • Deep understanding of your issues;
  • Straight talking and practical solutions;
  • Strong relationships and a collaborative approach.


Understanding and solving problems before they can even become one. Providing clear and practical advices to improve companies’ efficiency.

That is how we work.

Stürmer & Wulff offers unique insights via its experience in the world’s most complex juridical environments and markets.